Children are a welcomed and valued as part of our worshiping community and when present we seek to include them in our worship as a means of teaching them to worship. Our aim is to train children to worship, not to just be quiet.

We seek to make worship a joyful experience as when worship is an obvious joy to parents, children will expect to experience the same. Remember that worship is a joyous privilege as we surrender our souls to a God who is jealous for our attention, time and love

Mannum Baptist Church assists with two Children’s Ministries.

  1. We assist with the JAM (Jesus and me) program at Mannum Community College. This is a weekly lunchtime Christian based program teaching basic principles to primary school children.
  2. We assist with the Teen Challenge youth group on alternate Fridays during school term. This group includes Christian devotions for youth in years 6 to 9. Older youth assist with the program.

Mannum Baptist Church is a partner of Mid Murray Family Connections, a collective impact initiative formed in response to the 2012 Australian Early Development Census which highlighted the Mid Murray region as having the second highest proportion of developmentally vulnerable children in South Australia. This collaboration of government and non-government agencies and passionate community members has been working together towards improving the wellbeing of children in the region.

In seeking to serve our community we are alarmed by the level of children’s vulnerability in our region, and in response have voted to investigate the possibility of building a Children’s Wellbeing Centre.  Our Chapel has been sold which has provided us with some funds, and we have our Tea Rooms listed for sale. We are now looking to progress our investigation into making a Children’s Wellbeing Centre from a dream to a reality.



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