Final Chapel Service January 2018

On Sunday January 28th 2018  Mannum Baptist Church celebrated their final worship service in the William Street Chapel. The celebration was attended by a large crowd including past and present members as well as those who attended Sunday School, were baptised or were married in the Chapel.


Elder is an honorary title at Mannum Baptist church, and is only granted to those who have been part of the Church leadership for many years, reflect Christian principles in the community and display Christian wisdom. This honour has only been granted twice in the past, in 1948 to Mr Arthur Vivian and in 1968 to Mr Ken Mercer. The final service in the Chapel closed with Mrs Helen Maxwell being recognised as the third Elder of the Church.


Mannum Baptist Church has some bold plans for the future. In the short term will use our Tea Rooms as our place of worship. The Tea Rooms are currently being offered for sale, so longer term plans will be developed once the Tea Rooms are sold. Church members have voted to investigate building a Children’s Wellbeing Centre, but it will take some time to determine what that will look like in practice.

The sale of our Chapel is a positive step in our plan to move forward and be a positive influence in our community. We will continue to seek God’s guidance through this time of dramatic change. This is an exciting time to be part of Mannum Baptist Church as we look forward to what God has in mind for us. We welcome all who wish to join us in this exciting adventure.

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