From the Pastor’s Lap-top – February 2016

If we look through history, we find the records of many Christian revivals. There was the Great Awakening that began in Germany in 1734.  During 1863 and 1864 the “Great Revival” occurred in America. Perhaps the greatest of the modern revivals began in Wales in 1904. Today we hear of God’s Spirit moving in revival power, in South America, in Cuba and even in China, literally millions of people are being won for Jesus every year.

We can look at these events and be excited by what is happening in other times and in other places. But isn’t there part of you saying “What about us?” “What about revival in the here and now?”

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to make revival happen, but there does seem some consistency of events preceding revival. Over the next two months we will look back to the history of Israel to look at the ups and downs of some of their kings. Some did well, leading the people closer to God. But unfortunately, most were judged by God as doing evil.

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