May 2018 Update

The sale of our Chapel at 32 William Street has now finalised and we are settled into the new Chapel area set up in our Tea Rooms next door. We are reminded in this move that the church is made up of people rather than bricks, so while we no longer have a traditional Chapel we still have a church. This is a temporary arrangement as the Tea Rooms are also listed for sale and we are investigating the possibility of constructing a new building incorporating a Children’s Wellbeing Centre. This planning is being done in consultation with Mid Murray Family Connections and is in its very early stages. There is a lot to be worked out to determine exactly what we need to build, where it should be built, and how we should go about it.

In keeping with the theme of children’s well-being, a group from Mannum Baptist joined with our sister church at Peake for a day of child protection training. This can be challenging training, but given the errors of the past across the whole of society it is essential. The reward for a heavy day of training  was a typical country church lunch. Thanks to our friends at Peake.

With the return of the cooler weather we are again having our Sunday service on the first Sunday of the month at 5 pm, with a shared meal to follow. We will commence this on May 6th and continue for the non daylight-saving months. The evening service leaves people free in the morning to attend the local market, while still being able to have a time of worship and fellowship. We welcome anyone who wants to share in this time of fellowship.

The relationship between Mannum Baptist and Uniting Churches has been close for many years, as typified by the Journey to Easter display which the Baptist Church sets up in the Uniting Church Hall each Easter. More than 400 people passed through the display this year to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and what God has done to draw us back to Himself. Our two churches continue to have a joint service on the third Sunday of each month with a shared lunch to follow. May 20th will be at the Uniting Church at 10:30am, and June 17th at the Baptist Church etc.

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