Pastor’s Pen – April 2015

The “Journey To Easter” display has given us a lot to think about. It is pretty mind blowing just to think what Jesus went through physically, but added to that, the eternal Son of God took on the sins of the entire world. Every sin of every person throughout history was laid on Him. How often do we struggle to cope with even our own sin? We would find it difficult to carry the sins of just one more person, let alone all people.

But Jesus what we could not do. He took the sins of all of us and carried them to the cross to pay the penalty we deserved. Of all the miracles Jesus performed the greatest was that he took our sins to the cross, and anyone who chooses to do so can leave them there.

When we look at each other we see the other’s strengths and all too often their weaknesses. Do you realise that when God looks at us He sees perfection? That is because for everyone who chooses to follow Jesus, the Father looks through Jesus to see them. Jesus has paid it all, the slate is wiped clean. The one and only thing we need to do is choose Him as Lord of our life.

As we pass Easter this year let’s make sure we are as committed to Jesus as He is to us. He died for us, what will we give Him in return?



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