Pastor’s Pen – April 2017

We are now coming to the conclusion of our study of the kings of Judah. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from their history.

Joash is listed as a good king, but he had some shortcomings. He leant on the faith of his advisors rather than having his own faith, so once Jehoiada died, Joash was easily led astray. We can’t borrow someone else’s faith, we need to develop our own.

Hezekiah was another good king. His father Ahaz was one of the all-time bad kings, yet Hezekiah chose to follow the Lord, and he did so tenaciously. This is a good example for us to follow.

Manasseh had plenty of potential, being the son of a good king like Hezekiah, yet he did everything wrong. He did not follow the God of his father, he defiled the Temple of the Lord, he led the people astray, and he ignored the word of the Lord. Warning sign – “Don’t do this.”

Josiah was the opposite of Manasseh. He was the son and grandson of some really evil kings, yet he sought the Lord even from his youth. This led to his clearing of idols from all of Judah and leading the people to revival.

What strikes me from all of this is that it doesn’t matter what upbringing the kings had, they made their own choice about how to live. A bad past doesn’t give us an excuse for not doing the right thing now. Joash escaped a murderous grandmother to be a good king. Josiah was raised by some of the worst kings Judah had, yet he too was a good king. Manasseh on the other hand had the best upbringing possible, yet he was evil.

We can’t blame other people when we do the wrong thing, it is our own choice. It is up to each of us to surrender to God and choose follow His will for our lives.


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