Pastor’s Pen August 2014

Our focus for the past month has been to consider what sort of church God wants and how we compare to that model. We can draw a lot of characteristics from the first church, as recorded in Acts chapter 2.

We are comfortable being a church that worships, after all, that is why we come together each Sunday. But do we worship “in spirit and in truth,” that is, “is our attitude right?”

We are happy to be a church that learns from Jesus, after all, we are his followers. But how seriously do we take this? Do we seek daily to learn from him, to study his word, to learn from others and to ask that question “what would Jesus do?”

And how faithful are we in handling the good things God has given us, particularly our money? Do we manage our money well so that we can use it as he would have us use it?

The idea of being a church that serves could perhaps make us a little uncomfortable. Safely sitting within our four walls is comfortable. Going outside of the door as a servant of Jesus can stretch us. We will stretch our views even further as we examine how God wants us to be a community that shares, and then reaches out into the world.

Can a little group like us reach out into the world? If we form ourselves into the church God wants us to be the answer is a resounding YES!

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