Pastor’s Pen August 2016

Who is Jesus? This is the most important question we will ever have to answer.

In Luke 9 Jesus asks the disciples who people were saying He was. Most people then thought He was someone who died in the past come back to life; John the Baptist, Elijah, or one of the other prophets.

Today few people would have thought He was a dead person come back to life. Rather, Jesus is often dismissed as simply a good guy who got caught up in the political intrigue of the day and so got Himself executed. But the people today are just as wrong as the crowd were 2000 years ago.

Peter identified Jesus as the Messiah, Gods son. That is important, but more importantly Jesus identified Himself as God’s Son, and hence equal to God (Matthew 14:62). So why does that matter?

Jesus identified himself as God, which leaves only two options, either He is or he isn’t. If He isn’t, there are again only two options; either He knew he isn’t or He really thought He was.

If He knew He isn’t God, but claimed to be, then He is a liar, an absolute con man. But everything in Jesus’ ministry indicates that He placed an importance on truth, so that is unlikely.

If He thought He is God when really He isn’t, then He is delusional; a mad man. Everything in Jesus’ ministry indicates that He was cool, calm and collected, certainly not deranged.

Jesus is either God, a con man, or delusional. Just being a good man is not an option. Since we have already dismissed the options of con man or delusional, the only option remaining is that He is God. Now we know who Jesus is we each need to determine how we will respond.

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