Pastor’s Pen – December 2014

We have now begun our study of the Exodus. This account of what God did 3½ millennia ago is just as relevant to us today as when it was written. We see how God acts with power. But while he has all the power of the universe, he generally chooses to act through people.

Moses lived in obscurity for 40 years thinking that God could not possibly use him, yet he was God’s chosen agent. The hesitant trembling shepherd becomes the man of God, leading his people out of Egypt.

Do you think that God can’t use you? Look at Moses. He was a murderer rejected by both the Hebrews and the Egyptians, hiding in Midian. And did I mention he was 80 years old. Yet he was used by God in a greater way than other character in the Old Testament.

Moses didn’t start as a great leader. He was hesitant and started with faltering steps and needed others to help him. Yet each time he followed God’s instructions his faith grew and God could use him even more.

If we listen for what God is saying to us and obey Him, what could he do through us? Many around us are in slavery to sin and only God rescue them. Yet like in the time of Moses he still generally does it through His people. Why not us?


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