Pastor’s Pen – January 2015

In our study of Exodus we have seen how God took a man who was hiding in obscurity and used him to challenge Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt. Each of the plagues was a challenge to one or more of the gods of Egypt. That was a bit of a lopsided challenge as the gods of Egypt were not really gods at all, they were just stone and metal.

God showed that He ruled over all things and Egypt is left in ruin while a band of shepherd slaves walk free with the plunder of Egypt.

This same God who led Israel out of Egypt then came to earth as one of us in the person of Jesus. The same power that decimated Egypt became a helpless babe and grew just as we had to. He knows and understands what we feel because He was one of us.

We have a God who is all powerful, yet He understands everything we feel. More than that he loves us. We know that because he came to us, and paid the price to reunite us to Himself.

We learn from the Passover that no one is good enough to escape God’s judgment. The punishment for our sin is death, and we are under that penalty, someone must die. But praise be to God Jesus has paid the price, gaining us entry into his very presence.


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