Pastor’s Pen – June 2015

The encounter between Peter and Cornelius we read about in Acts 10 and 11 has a lot to teach us today.

Peter was a good Jew who had learned and carefully followed the Law of Moses. He had also spent three years learning and was a witness to the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord. Yet he still had a lot to learn about God’s plan for salvation.

Cornelius was a Gentile, not part of “God’s people.” Yet he believed in God, gave generously to those in need, and prayed regularly. He was seeking God.

God could have dealt with these two men in many different ways, but His plan was to bring them together. Cornelius would learn about Jesus from Peter, and Peter would learn that salvation was for all people from Cornelius. And the church would learn from this whole scenario that some of the principles they took for granted were not what God wanted.

What can we learn from this today? Are there things that we consider established principles as to how we do church that are not what God wants today? Some of the things that were central to running the church in the past may not be helpful now. We need to identify these things and be willing to be moulded by God.

We are blessed that God has given to us the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. We are surrounded by people who are currently outside of God’s family, many of whom are seeking the truth. To connect with them we need to be alert not only to the messages God is giving to us, but also to what he is saying to those in our community.

There may be some big changes ahead of us, and that can cause discomfort and uncertainty, but the payoff is the growth of God’s Kingdom here in Mannum.


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