Pastor’s Pen June 2017

For some time, we have been looking to the future, and what God has in mind for our little group. What can such a little group possibly do? Well we may be a little group but we have a great big God. So let’s dream big!

What stops us from stepping out on faith to fulfill a dream or a goal. Usually it is fear, and that fear is all in our imagination. Fear is draining and unproductive. Draining because it causes anxiety, unproductive because it isn’t real. It’s imagination!

The biggest and most unfortunate failure is saying, “I wish we had____(fill in the blank).” Especially when the only thing that holds us back is our imagination.

Wouldn’t it be better if we used that energy to imagine in the opposite direction; to picture what God can do through us. Between us we probably already have all the ideas. It is time to pursue it. It is time go for it!

Don’t underestimate what God can do.  It is time to get clarity on our goal, map it out, and visualize it. We still have some research to do and people to talk to who are further down the path than us. But let’s make sure fear doesn’t block us from moving forward.

Let’s not put limits on our dreams, let’s not limit what God can do through us. No matter what the current situation is, with God’s help we can dream big!

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