Pastor’s Pen – May 2015

As we consider the Israelites commencing their journey in the wilderness we are constantly amazed. We are amazed at the love God constantly pours out in rescuing them and supplying their needs, food and water. We are also amazed at how short Israel’s memory is. In spite of all they have seen they quickly turn away from God and don’t trust Him to continue caring for them. They have seen so much, how could they not believe?

But just how different are we? How many things have we seen that displays God’s love? Do we ascribe the good things that happen to us back to God or do we take the credit for ourselves or just dismiss them as coincidence?

The old saying of “seeing is believing” is completely the wrong way around. Rather’ it is through believing that we are able to see. When we acknowledge who God is and watch for what He is doing it is amazing what we can see.

So let’s make sure we are on the lookout for what God is doing. Not just what He did during the exodus 3½ thousand years ago, or in New Testament times 2 thousand years ago, or even in our own history, but what he is doing right here right now. If we do that we will constantly be giving thanks to God for all He has done for us.


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