Pastor’s Pen – May 2016

When John sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he really was the messiah, the Son of God, Jesus never gave a direct reply. He simply told them “Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard.” Jesus never sought to justify himself, rather the invitation is to note what is seen and heard.

Many in our community doubt that Jesus is who we claim he is, God come among us as one of us. My response tends to be to argue for Jesus in an attempt to prove who He is. Do you do that too? Perhaps we should follow the example Jesus gave us and simply respond “note what you can see.”

But Jesus isn’t physically walking the streets today, rather He has left that task to His Church. That is right! He has left it to us. So if people observe us what will they see? Will it convince them that we serve a risen Lord? Will it convince them that God reaches out to us in love? Will it show them that we have something they need?

The only valid answer to these questions must be “Yes.” If not, we have work to do, as people are already reading us every day. The best way we can win people for Jesus is to live in such a way that when people ask why we trust in Jesus, all we need to do is say “note what you can see.”

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