Pastor’s Pen – May 2017

Throughout the Bible, God used angels to make special announcements to people. He used angels to announce the destruction of Sodom, announce the birth of Samson, John the Baptist, and Jesus. When God has an important announcement to make He often sends that message through an angel.

On that first Easter morning, an angel delivered a special message that is still relevant today.

A band of woman made their way through the still dark streets of Jerusalem early Sunday morning with heavy hearts. They were going to the tomb of a man they had all believed was the Messiah; a man they had left all other things behind for. This was a man who had promised life to all who came unto Him, but who was now, Himself, dead.

Concerned about how would they could even gain access to the body (who could move that heavy stone), they proceeded with their tender mission to finishing preparing Jesus’ body for burial. What they found was an empty tomb, absent guards and a missing body. What fear must have gripped their hearts!

But then, an angel, with the message, “don’t be alarmed.” The opening words are those of peace. 2000 years later the message is still one of peace to all who believe in Jesus.

“Jesus who was crucified is now risen from the dead.” He had conquered death and all those who receive Him as their personal Savior become partakers in that same resurrection power.

We serve a risen Saviour.  Jesus has risen! Hallelujah.

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