Pastor’s Pen – November 2017

For some time we have been discussing what we will do in the future. Well it seems the future has arrived, and now is the time for the next step. We now have a contract on the Chapel, and all being well will soon have some funds available to do whatever it is we are going to do next.

God has promised to guide us, and we leant on that promise in our decision to sell the chapel and we still await sale of the tea rooms. He will continue to guide us in the next step.

We have been discussing the idea of building a “Children’s Wellbeing Centre” for some time, and we have now reached the point of deciding if that is something we will pursue.

On November 13th I will be meeting with the Department for Education and Child Development to discuss this prospect and flesh out exactly what would be involved, how we could contribute, and what other support would be available.

Please prayerfully consider this matter. It is a project that seems beyond what we are capable of, but remember that we have a great big God.

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