Pastor’s Pen October 2015

Our study of the book of Titus showed the importance of accurately hearing God’s word and holding to it firmly. Titus had to deal with people who wanted to alter just a little what God said just in order to suite their own desires. Little has changed today and many still want to tweak God’s word, or even ignore parts of it completely, just to suite their own preferences.

We should never decide what we want God to say and then look to His word to try and prove it. Rather we must start with God’s word to see what it actually says.

The Book of Micah shows what can happen when people ignore or twist God’s word. Not a popular subject today, but we will all be judged for our actions. That will occur when we stand face to face with God, but it can and does also happen in this life. Where a Nation turns away from God it risks His righteous indignation.

Judah thought they were God’s own people, so all would be well with them. But by ignoring what God’s told them through Moses and the prophets they ended up facing exile from their land. But Micah also brought some good news. When all goes wrong we can still depend on the faithfulness of God. God would keep his promise to Israel and a remanent would return to the land. Likewise we can depend on God’s promise that our salvation is assured when we turn to Jesus.

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