Pastor’s Pen – October 2016

Happy birthday to Mannum Baptist Church.

As we pass our 128th anniversary it is a time to both reflect and to look forward.. On 30th September 1888 Rev Silas Meed came to Mannum and formed the church with 17 members.. The first chapel was opened in the main street on 24th August 1890 on the site now occupied by Male’s Butchers. On 12th March 1967 we moved to our current location in William Street, and 120 people gathered to celebrate.

We thank Our Lord for the blessings many people have received in this place and for the loyalty of those past and present who have given and are giving of their best to keep Mannum Baptist Church a place of Worship to the glory of God.

But what of the future. Like much of the western church we are struggling for numbers. But God seems to like small. Throughout the Bible we see a remnant of faithful people who God uses. This remnant is not a leftover piece, but those selected not to be the new beginning. From this we can be encouraged and face the future with hope, knowing that as God has been in control in the past, so He is in control today and will be into the future.

Pray that God will guide us as to how we can best serve Him today and into tomorrow.


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