Pastor’s Pen September 2014

As we examine the book of Ruth we see some clear patterns emerge.

Ruth, the gentile bride, makes a commitment to the God of Israel and follows the Israelite Naomi to the land. From     Naomi she learns about God and his provision for his people. This brings her into contact with Boaz, the one who will     redeem her.

Note that Israel (Naomi) doesn’t go to the redeemer, it is the gentile bride (Ruth), but through Ruth, Naomi is also saved.

As Christians we only know about God because of         Israel — salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22). It is through the Jews that we have come close to our redeemer. Christ will redeem his gentile bride (the church) but Israel will by no means be excluded.

Note how generous the redeemer (Boaz) was. He showered Ruth with blessings the moment she drew near to him. How much more will our redeemer (Jesus) bless us.

But to get that blessing Ruth had to trust God and draw near to her redeemer. She then committed herself to her redeemer. Likewise we need to trust God, draw near to our redeemer, and commit ourselves to him.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is waiting to shower us with blessings as we draw near and commit ourselves to him.


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