Solidarity Sunday

Mannum Baptist Church has joined with over 600 churches across Australia to pray for and raise awareness about the suffering of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities overseas, particularly in Iraq and Syria.

The violence brought about by the rise of Islamic State, known as IS, has brought about terrible destruction and disruption to the lives of so many Christians, Yazidis and even Muslims, said Mannum Baptist Church Pastor, Reverend Colin Nieass.

Christians have been given three choices, convert to Islam, pay an extraordinarily high tax to IS or run for their lives. Now there is not a single Christian living in the city of Mosul. They have all fled.

During the three year civil war in Syria, half a million Christians have fled persecution.

IS targeted Christians by spray painting their houses and business with the Arabic letter “N” for Nasara, meaning Christian.

Christians in Iraq and around the world have adopted this symbol as a sign of solidarity. On Sunday November 2nd members of Mannum Baptist Church wore t-shirts bearing the symbol while praying for victims of the genocide.

MBC Solidarity“Today we are praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, Syria and other countries where live in danger simply because of their religion,” Reverend Nieass said.

“We also acknowledge that it is not just Christians suffering at the hand of IS, but IS has also killed many Muslims and attack anyone who does not share their extremist views.”

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